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How big is Greymouth?

How big is Greymouth?

1,848 km²

Why is Hokitika called Hokitika?

The name Hokitika is derived from the Maori term meaning “return in a straight line.” Pop.

What’s the population of Greymouth?

The largest town is Greymouth (population around 13,000), which is a ½ hour drive from Hokitika and 1½ hours’ from Westport.

How did Greymouth get its name?

By 1881 the population of Greymouth was greater than Hokitika’s, and since then it has been the largest centre on the West Coast. The town takes its name from the Grey River, and therefore from Sir George Grey.

What shops are in Greymouth?

Listed here are a few of the options when visiting the West Coast.

  • Robert Harris Cafe Greymouth.
  • The Junction Cafe and Honey Centre.
  • Station Gift & Souvenir Shop Greymouth.
  • Shanty Town Heritage Park.

    Is Hokitika a nice place to live?

    Located almost in the centre of the wild West Coast, Hokitika is a town that deserves much more than just a quick pit stop during your New Zealand road trip. Featuring heaps of hikes and a great local culture, it is a place that is best “embraced”, not just “visited”.

    What is Hokitika known for?

    Founded as a gold mining town back in the gold-rush days, Hokitika is famous for its pounamu (greenstone), whitebait, it’s mining history, and it’s sparsely populated wild scenery.

    Which is bigger Westport or Greymouth?

    Greymouth is the larger and, in my view, the nicer of the two towns so I would recommend staying there for the night.

    Who found Greymouth?

    Small parties of sealers and whalers probably entered the Grey River between the early 1800s and early 1840s. The first explorers, Thomas Brunner and Charles Heaphy, with E Kehu, a Maori, travelled down the coast from Nelson in 1846 and were at Mawhera pa on 19 May.

    Is there a farmers in Greymouth?

    Greymouth, on the banks of the Grey River, is the hub of the wild West Coast. Once home to 47 hotels, today it has only six. It was the last clothing retail chain left in Greymouth, once home to Farmers and Hallensteins.

    Where should I live on the South Island?

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    • 1) Christchurch. The largest and most diverse city on the South Island is Christchurch.
    • 2) Queenstown. A playground for adults who love seeking thrills, Queenstown is on everybody’s minds when you say the words ‘South Island’.
    • 3) Nelson.
    • 4) Dunedin.
    • 5) Invercargill.