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How can fossils be used as evidence for continental drift?

How can fossils be used as evidence for continental drift?

Fossil Evidence One type of evidence that strongly supported the Theory of Continental Drift is the fossil record. Fossils of similar types of plants and animals in rocks of a similar age have been found on the shores of different continents, suggesting that the continents were once joined.

How does the presence of similar fossils of ancient plants and animals in different continents indicate?

Continental drift was a theory that explained how continents shift position on Earth’s surface. Set forth in 1912 by Alfred Wegener, a geophysicist and meteorologist, continental drift also explained why look-alike animal and plant fossils, and similar rock formations, are found on different continents.

Why are the fossils of the fern Glossopteris helpful in supporting the continental drift theory?

WEGNER’S EVIDENCE FOR CONTINENTAL DRIFT Evidence from fossilized organisms and mountain chains can be used to reconstruct the positions of today’s continents and landmasses to form the supercontinent Pangea. Glossopteris ferns had very heavy seeds that could not move by wind or drift on ocean currents.

What fossilized fern was found in Africa Australia and South America?

The Glossopteris fossil is found in Australia, Antarctica, India, South Africa, and South America—all the southern continents.

What are 5 pieces of evidence that support continental drift?

The evidence for continental drift included the fit of the continents; the distribution of ancient fossils, rocks, and mountain ranges; and the locations of ancient climatic zones.

What piece of evidence is considered the strongest evidence for Pangea?

Finally, the strongest evidence for the existence of Pangaea is something called paleomagnetism. Some rocks have minerals inside ofthem that are magnetic, and when the rock forms those magnetic minerals will line up and point to the North Pole.

What are the 4 pieces of evidence supporting continental drift?

Where can you find fossils of ancient ferns?

Ancient Ferns are prehistoric plants that can only be placed under leaves. They are a very reliable primary food source for herbivorous Mobs.

Which is the only living fern in the world?

Other fern groups have a wide diversity of forms, including horsetails and whisk ferns, and produce spores from a group of cells on their leaves. Horsetails are the only living members of the Equisetaceae, a spore-bearing family of vascular plants that was extremely diverse during the late Paleozoic era.

How are ferns used to create a prehistoric landscape?

Whilst it’s main use is for feeding dinosaurs, it can also be used to create a prehistoric landscape. Ferns can be obtained by putting a Plant Fossil in an Analyzer.

Where can fossils be found in the world?

Also, fossils of the plant Glossopteris have been found on South America, Africa, India, Antarctica, and Australia. The only way these fossils can be found on continents that are separated by oceans is if the continents were once together (connected). These ancient animals and plants could not have swam across oceans!