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How can we help the poor farmers?

How can we help the poor farmers?

Here are some key ways to help:

  1. Support local farmers and farm initiatives – buy from them on-line but continue to use markets and local shops if they are still open.
  2. Be patient if there are glitches.
  3. Waste no food.
  4. Consider working on a farm if you can and have free time now..

How can we help our farmers?

Six ways to support local farmers

  1. Buying produce directly to farmers.
  2. Join the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  3. Eat at farm-to-table restaurants and cafes.
  4. Spread the word for the farmers.
  5. Promote local stores that sell local products.
  6. Purchase materials in local gardening shops.

How can government help farmers?

Government can provide assistance to farmers like Sekar. Interest-free loan or loan at the lowest rate can help him. Seeds, fertilizers and pesticides can also be provided to him on subsidised rate.

What are the problems of farming in India?

Agricultural sector marketing continues to be in bad shape in rural India. In small villages, the farmers sell their produce to the moneylender from whom they usually borrow money. One of the major handicaps with Indian agriculture is the lack of cheap and efficient means of transportation.

Why are there so many farmers suicides in India?

Thanks to these conditions, these days even experienced farmers are at a loss when it comes to predicting the right time to sow their crops and the right time to harvest them. The fact that pests, weeds, and diseases are evolving has only added to the farmers’ misery. Soil erosion is also a major problem faced by farmers.

What are the major handicaps faced by Indian farmers?

One of the major handicaps with Indian agriculture is the lack of cheap and efficient means of transportation. Even at present, there are lakhs of villages which are not well connected with roads or with market centers. Inadequate transport is one of the handicaps with post-harvest issues.

Why are farmers not competent in central India?

In central India, rivers don’t carry water throughout the year. Due to this, farmers have to depend on the monsoon water for irrigation which is very uncertain. Small and Fragmented Holdings of land This is one of the major reason why Indian farmers are not competent.