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How Christmas is celebrated in Antarctica?

How Christmas is celebrated in Antarctica?

Details depend on the nationality of the base and on the prevailing base culture, but pretty much all Antarctic bases will have a slap-up Christmas meal and a party of some type. Volunteers often help the base cook/s prepare the special meal. A party in the evening tends to be the main event.

What happens in winter in Antarctica?

In an Antarctic winter, it is so cold that the sea freezes, forming briney sea ice that surrounds the continent. In summer, most of the sea ice melts. The area of sea ice in winter is about six times as big as the area of sea ice in summer, with an average 3 million km2 in summer and 18 million km2 in winter.

When do they celebrate Midwinter Day in Antarctica?

Midwinter Day, or Midwinter, is an annual celebration held across Antarctica on the day of the southern winter solstice (June 20 or 21). It is the continent’s primary cultural holiday and, along with Antarctica Day, is one of two principal Antarctic holidays.

Which is the best UK holiday to Antarctica?

Our collection of holidays to Antarctica includes small ship expedition voyages and land based adventures, including fly-in options to the South Pole. We have carefully chosen what we believe to be the best trips available and offer the most comprehensive choice of Polar holidays available from the UK.

Why are there so many celebrations in Antarctica?

Scientific stations are often hundreds of miles apart, they are almost all run on national lines by the countries that establish them. The result of this is that any celebrations, festivals, traditions or customs in Antarctica are relatively recent and tend to be specific to a particular country’s bases rather than being very widespread.

Where do they send Midwinter cards in Antarctica?

Midwinter card from Halley Station winterers, 2016. Such cards are sent electronically around the many sceintific stations in Antarctica, it being a way that the people on such bases can reach out to others in similar isolated communities across the continent in the middle of winter. 1911 with Captain Scott in Antarctica, Midwinters Day.