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How high is Bayston Hill?

How high is Bayston Hill?

A new plaque has gone up at the beauty spot – but if it is to believed, the landmark is actually called Lith Hill, and stands a mere 63 metres above sea level. The panoramic stone inscribed “Lith Hill 63m above sea level” has been met with a mix of hilarity and concern.

When was Bayston Hill built?

Bayston Hill was established as a new ecclesiastical parish with the building of Christ Church in 1843 as an amalgamation of sections from the parishes of St. Julian’s Shrewsbury, Meole Brace and nearby Condover. The church was built to serve the local miners, quarrymen and railway navvies.

How high above sea level is Shrewsbury?

71 m

What is the population of Bayston Hill Shropshire?

Bayston Hill mainly serves as a dormitory village for nearby Shrewsbury. It has the largest population for a village in Shropshire and the 10th highest population of any Shropshire locality. The village has a larger than average retired population in comparison to many similar Shropshire villages, but lower than the national average.

How many people work in Bayston Hill, London?

Of the 2,919 residents in gainful employment, 264 work exclusively from home, and of those who travel to places of work, 77 cycle, 132 walk, 170 take the bus, and vast majority of 1]

Where is the Lyth Hill in Bayston Hill?

To the south lies the pre-Cambrian Lyth Hill, with Sharpstone Hill standing to the east, the latter now mostly a major sandstone quarry with little of the hill itself now remaining after several hundred years of constant quarrying activities. Housing in Bayston Hill on Glebe Road.

When was the last earthquake in Bayston Hill?

There are still several active geological fault lines underlying the area; on 2 April 1990 Bayston Hill experienced an earthquake, measuring 5.4 on the Richter Scale, that was centred on Bishop’s Castle . The village lies just three miles south of Shrewsbury, and is separated from the county town by the main A5 Trunk road.