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How is the Mojave Desert related to North American deserts?

The Mojave Desert displays typical basin and range topography. The Mojave Desert, however, is generally lower than the even higher Great Basin Desert to the north. The Mojave Desert occupies less than 50,000 sq mi (130,000 km2), making it the smallest of the North American deserts.

Which area is most likely to be a desert?

Although most deserts, such as the Sahara of North Africa and the deserts of the southwestern U.S., Mexico, and Australia, occur at low latitudes, another kind of desert, cold deserts, occur in the basin and range area of Utah and Nevada and in parts of western Asia.

What are the facts about the Mojave Desert?

Fast Facts 1 The Mojave Desert spans four states: California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. 2 The western deserts represent the largest intact ecosystem in the 48 contiguous states. 3 The Mojave includes the lowest point in the U. 4 Death Valley is the hottest and driest spot in North America. 更多结果…

What kind of plants live in the Mojave Desert?

Most of the plants found here are either xerophytes (i.e. plants with spongy, shallow roots in which water is stored for future use), and phreatophytes (i.e. plants which sport long taproots which help them obtain water from deep inside the ground).

Are there any national parks in the Mojave Desert?

Visitors to the Mojave’s three national parks— Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park and Mojave National Preserve —can encounter hundreds of species of native and migratory birds as well as a spectacular array of plants, including wondrously colorful blooms that carpet the desert floor in spring.

Where does the Great Basin Desert meet the Mojave Desert?

The Tehachapi, Sierra Nevada, San Gabriel, and San Bernardino mountain ranges border the desert to the west. In the east, the desert meets with the Colorado Plateau. Its northern boundary extends into the Great Basin Desert, while the Sonoran Desert is its continuation in the south.