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How much are Giuseppe Armani figurines worth?

How much are Giuseppe Armani figurines worth?

The price of Armani Disney figurines ranges from $250 up to $3,000. Armani Disney sculpture that is hand signed personally by Giuseppe Armani cost more than the original figure. The price ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.

What are Giuseppe Armani figurines made of?

The figures are produced using the medium of cold-cast porcelain which allows the most minute details of his sculptures to be reproduced. Much of the success of the sculptures is this attention to detail and the quality and beauty of the finished work.

How much is Lladro worth?

With prices anywhere from $500 to $4,000 and beyond, these Lladró porcelain figures are consistently in demand at auction from private collections and public institutions alike.

Is Capodimonte worth anything?

Value and Price Guides for Capodimonte Flowers, Figurines, Some rare Capodimonte Italian porcelains are worth a fortune but in almost every case that fancy looking vase or lamp is going to be from the mid to late 1900s and will be worth hundreds, (at the most), not thousands of dollars.

Is Giuseppe Armani still alive?

Giuseppe Armani was an Italian sculptor and artist. Born in 1935 he died in 2006.

Is Lladro still collectible?

The reverence for the Lladró brand continues today, with collectors hunting for – and finding – fantastic pieces across price points. “There is still strong private and primary market demand for Lladró porcelains. But they do come to auction with “diorama” works grossing the highest values.

Are Lladro figurines worth money?

Early, handcrafted figurines are typically worth more than mass-produced pieces. In addition, retired Lladró figurines generally have higher values than figurines that are still in production. Finally, Lladró event-based pieces also command high values.

Is Capodimonte always marked?

Is Capodimonte always marked? Prior to this mark being stamped on wares ranging from figurines to tableware, pieces made by Capodimonte were all unmarked. This marking was usually stamped in either blue or gold on the bottom of pieces made during this era.

When did Giuseppe Armani die?

Giuseppe Armani passed away suddenly on Saturday, October 28, 2006 of a massive stroke.

What is my Lladro figurine worth?

The value of Lladró figurines varies widely. Small, common figurines sell for as little as $10-20. Whereas average pieces, usually medium sized and intricate tend to sell for $75-150 each. Figurines that are extremely elaborate, rare, and/or large can sell for $2,000-$25,000 or even higher.

How do you know if a figurine is valuable?

Highly valuable figurines have a distinguishing mark of its maker. To see if your figurine is indeed authentic, look for the manufacturer’s mark. Sometimes, using a magnifying glass or a loupe is handy for barely visible marks. Hand painted figurines with an artist’s signature have the highest value.

Which Lladro figurines are most valuable?

The Five Most Expensive Lladro Figurines Ever Sold

  1. A Grand Adventure – $64,350.
  2. 18th Century Coach – $57,200.
  3. Cinderella’s Arrival – $57,200.
  4. Flamenco Flair Woman – $7,720.
  5. The Fox Hunt – $6,500.