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How much can you get for copper?

How much can you get for copper?

Updated 08/16/2021

Metal Average Price Date Updated
#1 Copper Tubing $3.37/lb Updated 08/16/2021
#2 Copper Tubing $3.20/lb Updated 08/16/2021
Insulated Copper Wire $1.03/lb Updated 08/16/2021
THHN Wire $2.14/lb Updated 08/16/2021

What is the price of old copper?

India Copper Scrap Price

Commodity Price Unit
Copper cable scrap 784000.00 Rupee / Ton
Copper heavy scrap 774000.00 Rupee / Ton
Copper sheet cutting 768000.00 Rupee / Ton
Copper utensil scrap 782000.00 Rupee / Ton

Where to sell copper for the best price?

A lot of scrap yards will pay for your non-solids; however, you will be lucky enough to get 20% of what you could get for a solid copper piece. If you have enough of these non-solids, usually 10 to 15 pounds or more, then you may want to consider melting it down to create a nugget of sorts.

When to sell copper to a scrap yard?

The quality of the metal, the grade, the type of copper, and many other features all affect how much you can expect when you sell copper to a scrap yard. At Scrap Stop Metals, you can expect to get the BEST prices every time. Here’s what you need to know to estimate a fair price on copper scrap:

What makes the price of copper go up?

Copper, chemical symbol Cu, is a shiny, red-orange metal that has a wide range of applications. The price of copper is primarily driven by the availability of substitutes, the global supply and demand ratio, and emerging markets such as India and China.

Can you make money by selling copper wire?

Whether it’s selling construction material, copper wire, a copper pipe or an appliance part of sorts, you can make money, but it’s important you’re making the most money. In this guide, I wanted to talk about the many ways you can sell copper as well as who wants to buy copper in your area. Plus, I will tell you how much you should expect to make.