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How much water does the average Canadian waste per day?

How much water does the average Canadian waste per day?

This year, Canada Water Week organizers also are reminding people about their “water footprint” – how much water is hidden in daily activities and purchases. The average Canadian consumes nearly 6,400 liters (1,690 gallons) of water every day.

What is the average water consumption per person per day?

80-100 gallons
Estimates vary, but, on average, each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day, for indoor home uses.

Which country wastes the most water in the world?

7 Countries That Waste the Most Water

  • Canada– population in thousands: 30 889- 29.1 m3.
  • Armenia– population in thousands: 3 090- 27.3 m3.
  • New Zealand– population in thousands: 3 906- 26.1 m3.
  • USA– population in thousands: 288 958– 22.6 m3.
  • Costa Rica– population in thousands: 3 963- 19.9 m3.

Which country uses the most water per person per day?

The U.S. uses a large amount of water each day compared to other countries.

  • Average person in U.S.: 156 gallons a day.
  • Average person in France: 77 gallons a day.
  • Average person in India: 38 gallons a day.
  • Average person in Mali: 3 gallons a day.

    Which country wastes the least water?

    Water riches, water poverty The countries where water poverty is the worst and water usage is the lowest are Mozambique, Rwanda, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Uganda – these five use 15 liters or less daily.

    How much water does the average person use in Canada?

    In 2011, 58% of Canadian households were equipped with water meters compared to 52% in 1991. Over the same period, average daily water use dropped by 27% from 342 litres per person in 1991 to 251 litres per person in 2011.

    How much water does the average person use in a day?

    A lot If we look at how much we’re using every day just at home, the average Canadian uses about 329L of water, the average Quebecer uses 400L of water per person, and, according to the Ville de Montréal, the average Montrealer uses 225 L of water per person.

    Why is Canada the largest water user in the world?

    Despite improvements in household water conservation, Canada remains one of the largest per capita users of fresh water in the world. Urban growth, industry expansion and climate change put pressure on Canadian cities’ ability to supply water to households.

    How much water does Canada export each year?

    Little is known about how much “virtual water” is being moved between water-scarce and water-rich regions of Canada, but the best export estimates are that more than 95 billion cubic metres (Bm3) of virtual water — most of it tied up in grain, livestock and fuels — leaves Canada each year (roughly 60 per cent of it going to the United States).