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How old was Brandy when she had her daughter?

How old was Brandy when she had her daughter?

How Old Was Brandy When She Had Her Daughter? Some fans might be shocked to hear that Brandy’s daughter is a legal adult; she was born in 2002. At the time of her daughter’s birth, Brandy was about 23.

What’s Brandy’s biggest hit?

North American edition

No. Title Length
1. “The Boy Is Mine” (duet with Monica) 4:00
2. “Top of the World” (featuring Mase) 4:41
3. “Another Day in Paradise” (duet with Ray J) 4:32
4. “Who Is She 2 U” 4:43

Who is Brandy married to?

Brandy and Robert Smith announced they were married in 2002.

Did Michael Jackson sing background for Brandy?

yes he sure does. I love the way his voice sounds when he sings 🙂 song but dismissed it soon) are used as an additional background loop.

Did Brandy have a child?


When Brandy was just 25 years old, she gave birth to Sy’rai Smith, who is her child with producer Big Bert. Her pregnancy with her daughter was very publicized. She had her own show on MTV called Brandy: Special Delivery, which followed her experience with expecting and having a baby.

Is Brandy an alcohol?

Brandy, alcoholic beverage distilled from wine or a fermented fruit mash. The term used alone generally refers to the grape product; brandies made from the wines or fermented mashes of other fruits are commonly identified by the specific fruit name.

How old is R&B Brandy?

42 years (11 February 1979)

How old is Brandy now?

How tall is brandy and how much does she weigh?

Being born on 11 February 1979, Brandy is 42 years old as of today’s date 5th June 2021. Her height is 1.7 m tall, and her weight is 64 kg. Brandy’s father was working at a choir, so she did her first vocals with the choir when she was like 2 years old.

How tall is Brandy Norwood height and weight?

If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Brandy’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start. Brandy Rayana Norwood was born in McComb City, Mississippi, United States, on February 11, 1979.

How old is brandy from Brandy and Ryan?

Brandy has been engaged two times, the first time was to the retired basketball player Quentin Richardson, and the second one was to the music producer Ryan Press. Being born on 11 February 1979, Brandy is 42 years old as of today’s date 4th May 2021.

What is the net worth of Brandi Redmond?

Redmond has an estimated net worth of about $4 Million which she has earned through being a TV personality. Redmond will be starring in Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Dallas an American reality television series on Bravo.