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Is Cornerstone Christian Correspondence accredited?

Is Cornerstone Christian Correspondence accredited?

Cornerstone Christian Ministries is a Georgia-based correspondence school that allows participants to earn their high school equivalency diploma through the mail. The correspondence diploma program is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission International.

What is a correspondence diploma?

A general correspondence diploma is essentially for those who wish to get a high school diploma. General correspondence diplomas can be obtained through online schools, correspondence schools and through programs available at some colleges.

Is Stanley high school online diploma legit?

Now with the Stanley high School Diploma online program, students can earn accredited high school diploma online while sitting at home. High School diploma online test is accredited by many institutions in America.

Is there a Cornerstone Christian correspondence school in Georgia?

Are there any online colleges that accept Cornerstone Christian?

Unfortunately, there are no online schools that accept Cornerstone Christian Correspondence diplomas. Schools that receive financial aid from the federal government will not recognize this diploma. The problem with this diploma is that the school is not accredited by an accepted accreditation organization.

Do you need a high school diploma to go to cornerstone?

Earn your High School Diploma Today! Apply Now! Why Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School? * Earn your High School Diploma without leaving the comfort of home! * Being a Ministry, the program is priced far below other comparable programs! Graduate in a few days or at the most a few weeks!

Are there any Christian Schools that are accredited?

When they state that they have accreditation, they do not clarify that they are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACS), a company that is not recognized in the United States. Most of the schools associated with this organization are religious schools or schools that are not located in this country.