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Is Missouri abbreviated as MO?

Is Missouri abbreviated as MO?

A list of state abbreviations since 1831 is provided below….State Abbreviations.

Postal Abbreviations for States/Territories Missouri
1831 Mo.
1874 Mo.
1943 Mo.
10/1963 – present MO

What is the USPS abbreviation for Missouri?

Appendix D – USPS State Abbreviations and FIPS Codes

State Postal Abbr. FIPS Code
Michigan MI 26
Minnesota MN 27
Mississippi MS 28
Missouri MO 29

How are states abbreviated?

The names of eight states are never abbreviated in datelines or text: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah. Memory aid: States with five or fewer letters, plus Alaska and Hawaii, are never abbreviated.

Why is Missouri’s abbreviation MO?

Missouri presumably got MO because the O gave fewer possible confusions with other states, Michigan went from Mich to MI. Minnesota went from Minn to MN, and Mississippi went from Miss to MS. Montana went from Mont to MT — with homage to the abbreviation for mountain.

What is the 2 letter abbreviation for Missouri?

Two-Letter State Abbreviations


Why is Missouri MO when the word starts with ” mi “?

Why is the abbreviation for Missouri MO when the word starts with “Mi?” Many postal abbreviations are from older sets of abbreviations, and they never repeat between states. Most state abbreviations follow a pattern for shortening state names. You can follow these general patterns:

What are the abbreviations for Michigan and Mississippi?

State Abbreviations US STATE ABBREVIATION Michigan MI Minnesota MN Mississippi MS Missouri MO

Which is the abbreviation for the state of Montana?

US State Abbreviations List State Name USPS Abbreviation Traditional Abbreviation Minnesota MN Minn. Mississippi MS Miss. Missouri MO Mo. Montana MT Mont.

What are the abbreviations for the state of Maryland?

State Abbreviations US STATE ABBREVIATION Maryland MD Massachusetts MA Michigan MI Minnesota MN