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Is Seaton a nice area?

Is Seaton a nice area?

Seaton is very nice, lovely beach, nice walks across the cliffs, you can walk across to Beer from there and the other way to Lyme Regis. Selection of eateries and shops, nothing flashy but you are close enough there to visit other places depending what you want.

Is Seaton worth visiting?

Seaton is beautiful, has the best beach by far, has lovely town centre and lovely places to eat, beer is very pretentious and stuck up, also parking is so expensive, seaton is a great place to base and catch little buses out of, colyton is boring as is axmouth, axmouth has 2 pubs that’s it!

Why is Seaton called Seaton?

In Saxon times Seaton was known as Fluta or Fleet, the Saxon word for creek. The town of Fleet was founded by Saxon Charter in 1005 AD. The first mention of Seaton was in a papal bull by Pope Eugenius in 1146.

What is the population of Devon 2020?


Ceremonial county
High Sheriff Gerald Hine-Haycock (2020–21)
Area 6,707 km2 (2,590 sq mi)
• Ranked 4th of 48
Population (mid-2019 est.) 1,194,166

Is Seaton in Devon hilly?

Seaton Down Hill is a Street in the Devon town of Seaton and measures approximately 1,272 metres long. The average elevation of Seaton Down Hill is roughly 75.56 metres above sea level. with the highest point being 126.70 and the lowest point being 51.10. A change of 75.60 metres.

What’s it like living in Seaton Devon?

Ian Barradale “Seaton is a traditional Devonshire seaside town, with a calm and comfortable pace of life – it’s a bit like stepping back in time – and a thriving local population, rather than just holidaymakers and second-homers.” Brian Wapshott “A delightful fishing village.

How far is beer from Seaton?

about 1.5 miles
This is a short but popular walk from Seaton to the nearby village of Beer. It follows a lovely section of the South West Coast Path for about 1.5 miles with a moderate climb as you approach Beer.

Is Seaton Beach Sandy?

The beach is a mixture of grey pebbles and coarse sand, and whilst not the most appealing on the coast Seaton makes up for this with its many other charms. At low tide a fairly extensive area of flat sand is exposed and one can walk along the foreshore as far as Downderry to the East and the Looe beaches to the west.

Who owns Seaton beach?

Cornwall Council
Seaton Beach is managed by Cornwall Council and facilities have been invested in such as improved disabled access and a children’s play park on the green behind the beach.

What does Seaton name mean?

Seaton Origin and Meaning The name Seaton is a boy’s name of English origin meaning “town by the sea”.

Is Devon or Cornwall better?

Cornwall stirs your wanderlust; Devon is just a nice place to visit. And you have to admit that Cornwall wins hands-down when it comes to beaches. The weather is always better in Cornwall, too. When rain sweeps in from the Atlantic, Cornwall often emerges in sunshine while clouds get snagged over soggy Devon.

How is the tourism industry in South Devon?

Latest figures released from Visit South Devon reveal that 2017 has been one of the best on record for the South Devon tourism industry. Visits to the official tourism marketing website for the region were the highest ever achieved reaching 1.3 million sessions and 2.7 million page views.

What are the facts and figures about Devon?

Facts and Figures brings together a range of statistics, gleaned from a number of sources, about the people of Devon, their social, employment, and economic circumstances, and the commercial and natural environment in which they live.

What was the best year for South Devon?

Your information will be used in accordance with our Privacy Notice. Latest figures released from Visit South Devon reveal that 2017 has been one of the best on record for the South Devon tourism industry.

Where can I find population projections for Devon?

Further information regarding Devon’s population projections can be found on the Council’s Planning pages.