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Is there a bus from Townsville to Airlie Beach?

Is there a bus from Townsville to Airlie Beach?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Townsville and arriving at Airlie Beach. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 4h 15m.

How far is Townsville from the beach?

The quickest way to get from Townsville to Mission Beach is to drive which costs $28 – $45 and takes 2h 48m. How far is it from Townsville to Mission Beach? The distance between Townsville and Mission Beach is 172 km.

What airport serves Airlie Beach?

Whitsunday Coastal Airport
The Whitsunday Coastal Airport, or Proserpine Airport (PPP) Proserpine Airport (PPP), located just 26 kilometres southwest of Airlie Beach is the closest airport if you are wanting to fly into the Whitsundays. Proserpine Airport has direct flights from major cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

What is between Townsville and Airlie Beach?

There are some beautiful places between Townsville and Airlie like Hideaway Bay and Dingo Beach. Alva Beach is also ok – a sleepy beachside village.

How do I get from Townsville to Airlie Beach?

The best way to get from Airlie Beach to Townsville is to bus which takes 4h 15m and costs $35 – $80. Alternatively, you can train, which costs $35 – $65 and takes 4h 53m.

What is there to see between Airlie and Townsville?

Can you swim at Airlie Beach?

There are two public beaches situated in Airlie Beach where you are welcome to swim, one is located near the Port of Airlie Marina and is known as ‘Boathaven Beach’, while the other is located in Cannonvale. You will be encouraged to swim in the enclosure, but please note there are no lifeguards at this location.

How long is the drive from Townsville to Airlie Beach?

Yes, the driving distance between Townsville to Airlie Beach is 278 km. It takes approximately 3h 56m to drive from Townsville to Airlie Beach. What companies run services between Townsville, QLD, Australia and Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia?

Where is the road between Townsville and Ayr?

The road between Townsville and the rural town of Ayr winds through the verdant patchwork of sugar cane fields and snaking rivers of the Burdekin region to the rural town of Ayr (90 km south of Townsville).

Where are the best places to stay in Airlie Beach?

If you’d like to discover one of Queensland’s best-kept secrets, venture off the highway just north of Airlie Beach to Dingo Beach and Cape Gloucester, a surprisingly beautiful and undeveloped part of the coast. Cape Gloucester has two beachside resorts. Montes Reef Resort is lively, while Cape Gloucester Resort is quiet and private.

How long does it take to drive from Bowen to Townsville?

Drive for about 59 minutes, then stop in Bowen and stay for about 1 hour. Next, drive for another 1.5 hours then stop in Ayr (Queensland) and stay for 1 hour. Drive for 1 hour then stop at Townsville and stay for 1 hour. Finally, drive for about 7 minutes and arrive in Townsville.