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What African country is known for diamonds?

What African country is known for diamonds?

Making Diamonds Work Diamonds need not lead to horror. Botswana, the world’s largest diamond producer, is one of the most stable and prosperous countries in Africa. The diamond industry there employs nearly a fourth of the country’s 1.5 million people and accounts for two-thirds of government income.

Is my diamond a blood diamond?

People often become wrapped up in the size or sparkle of a diamond. Before purchasing a diamond, it’s imperative that you ensure it’s conflict-free. Diamonds that are not conflict-free are known as blood diamonds, which means they are illegally sold in order to finance devastating wars and terrorism.

Where does most of the diamonds in Africa come from?

The continent of Africa is home to some of the top diamond producing nations with most of the world’s gem-quality diamonds mined there since the 1870s. In 2017, diamond exports from African countries were valued at $9.65bn in the global market. The USA is the world’s top buyer of diamond jewellery, purchasing more than 40% of all stones.

How much are diamonds worth in South Africa?

Diamonds, along with other mineral resources, have been the lifeblood of South Africa’s economy since their discovery. South African mines produced roughly ten million carats of diamonds, worth over US$1.2 billion, in 2018.

Which is the best country to buy diamonds from?

Consumers searching for ethically sourced diamonds should consider diamonds from South Africa. South African diamond mines are world class in terms of their safety and environmental standards, and wages in the industry are high.

Where was the largest diamond found in the world?

The world’s largest diamond was also found in South Africa. Much of its revenue and economy depend on the production of diamonds. Another country with the most diamonds found is Australia.