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What colonies did France have in Africa?

What colonies did France have in Africa?

The French colony had Cameroon, Gabon, French Guinea, Senegal, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Dahomey. Moreover, the British and the French had a very different methods to colonize West Africa.

Which countries had colonies in Africa in 1880?

French Sudan (now Mali, 1880 – 1958) French Guinea (now Guinea) Ivory Coast. Niger.

What colonies did France establish?

The French colonial empire in the Americas comprised New France (including Canada and Louisiana), French West Indies (including Saint-Domingue, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Tobago and other islands) and French Guiana. French North America was known as ‘Nouvelle France’ or New France.

Which African country has never been Colonised?

Take Ethiopia, the only sub-Saharan African country that was never colonized.

What was the location of the French colonies in Africa?

France’s African Colonies. Until the 1850s, the French position in Africa was a very marginal one. In 1659 France occupied two island bases: Saint-Louis in the mouth of the Senegal River and Goreé in what is now Senegal’s Dakar harbor.

Who was the first European country to colonize Africa?

France was the one European nation that had established a major beachhead in Islāmic North Africa before the 1880s. At a time when Great Britain was too preoccupied to interfere, the French captured the fortress of Algiers in 1830.

What did the French do in West Africa?

French West Africa: As the French pursued their part in the scramble for Africa in the 1880s and 1890s, the first rule Senegal colony then the French government began to rein in the territorial expansion of its officers on the ground, and transferred all the territories west of Gabon to a single Governor based in Senegal.

When did France establish Cercles in African colonies?

A cercle consisted of several cantons, each of which in turn consisted of several villages, and was instituted in France’s African colonies from 1895 to 1946.