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What countries were part of British Empire?

What countries were part of British Empire?

The British Empire is a term used to describe all the places around the world that were once ruled by Britain. Built over many years, it grew to include large areas of North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa, as well as small parts of Central and South America, too.

How many countries did Britain rule in the British Empire?

Today, the United Kingdom consists of four constituent countries, and it is responsible for three crown dependencies and fourteen overseas territories, although the legacy of the British Empire can still be seen, and it’s impact will be felt for centuries to come.

What countries were in the British Empire in 1914?

On every Continent The main ones were Australia, British Guiana, Burma, Canada, Egypt, India (then including what are now Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan), Jamaica, New Zealand, Rhodesia, South Africa and Trinidad.

How many countries were part of the British Empire?

The British Empire stretched into each part of the world. Territories were held across the continents. There remain 14 British Territories Overseas. Former colonies of the British Empire. The year of Independence is shown. Canada-1867–1982- (From 1949 this included Newfoundland and Labrador). United States-1776.

What was Queen Victorias role in the British Empire?

What was her role in the British Empire? Queen Victoria (1819-1901) by Richard Rothwell (1800-1868) after Thomas Sully. Credit: National Trust Images Queen Victoria presided over a time of industrial expansion, educational advances, the abolition of slavery and workers’ welfare. She reigned from 1837-1901

Are there any countries that are not part of the UK?

8 Countries or province forming part of the United Kingdom that have voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. 9 Countries forming part of the United Kingdom that have voted not to be an independent country. 10 Countries or region which did not vote to terminate British rule yet were relinquished.

Who was the longest reigning monarch of the British Empire?

Queen Victoria, one of the longest reigning British monarchs, was 63 years on her throne. This is the reason why from 1837 to 1901, the period is known as Victorian Era. These were also the peak years of the British empire. Table of Contents.