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What do you need to know about artificial rain?

What do you need to know about artificial rain?

What is an Artificial Rain? It’s a practice of artificially inducing or increasing precipitation through clouds by adding external agents. The foreign particles which are drenched over these clouds can be Dry Ice (solid carbon dioxide), Silver Iodide, Salt powder etc. This process is known as Cloud Seeding.

What are the problems with artificial rain seeding?

When there is a lack of water, problems like dehydration, sanitation, to industry supply will surface. As technology is advanced, now people can create artificial rain by adding some chemicals to seed the cloud.

What happens when there are clouds but no rain?

Often there are clouds but no rain. Well, one could try to make it rain. And that’s where ARTIFICIAL RAINFALL comes along. When the temperature of clouds is close to “0” and there might be crystals of ice in it.

Where did artificial rain come from in UAE?

“Last January three winning projects were chosen – one involving land cover modification from Germany, one studying aerosols from Japan and one researching materials used in cloud seeding based on nanotechnology from Masdar Institute,” said Al Mazrouei.

What is the second stage of artificial rain?

Building Up Stage : In the second stage the mass of the cloud is build up by urea, dry ice, kitchen salt etc to increase the density of the clouds.

What does it mean to artificially increase precipitation?

Rainmaking, also known as artificial precipitation, artificial rainfall and pluviculture, is the act of attempting to artificially induce or increase precipitation, usually to stave off drought or the wider global warming.

What do we know about the process of rain?

We know how the process of rain works. It starts from evaporating of water from the sea or any other water body.