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What does Indiana lead the nation in?

What does Indiana lead the nation in?

The state is a major exporter of cars, car parts and pharmaceuticals, sending more products to Canada than any other country. Indiana’s natural resources also contribute heavily to its economy, with the state producing 36 million tons of coal annually.

Is Indiana poor?

In 2019, about 11.9 percent of Indiana’s population lived below the poverty line….Poverty rate in Indiana from 2000 to 2019.

Characteristic Percentage of population
2019 11.9%
2018 13.1%
2017 13.5%
2016 14.1%

What is the population of the state of Indiana?

However, Indiana ranks much better in terms of numbers and population density. The state has a population density of 181 people per square mile, which ranks it as the 16th most densely populated state in the country. The largest city in Indiana is Indianapolis, which is also the state’s capital, which holds over 860,000 individuals as residents.

Which is the lowest population County in Indiana?

Hamilton County had the most significant growth with a growth rate of 19.38% since the 2010 census. The county with the lowest population in the state of Indiana is Ohio County, which has a population of 5,844. Since the last census in 2010, Ohio County’s population has seen a decrease of 4.12%.

What makes Indiana a good state to live in?

With borders on Lake Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois, the state is a hub to trade throughout the region. In the beginning of the 20th century, automobile manufacturing became a major industry there, and vehicles were produced in more than 40 Indiana cities.

Which is the fastest growing county in Indiana?

Following Hamilton County is Boone County which grew 17.72% and Hendericks County with a population growth rate of 14.46%. The counties with the most significant population loss are Union County (-6.63%), Blackford County (-6.59%), and Pulaski County (-6.43%).