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What happened to Louis Joliet?

What happened to Louis Joliet?

Toward the end of the 17th century, Joliet was internationally known for his expeditions, from which official regional maps were created. Joliet went on another trip in 1694 to make detailed observations of the Labrador Coast, and in 1697, became a hydrography professor at the University of Quebec. He died in 1700.

What did Louis Jolliet find?

With the help of French Governor of Quebec, Louis de Buade Frontenac (1620-1698), Joliet gathered funding for an exploratory missions in the area of Great Lakes and their numerous rivers….Louis Joliet – Famous Canadian Explorer.

Name Louis Jolliet
Religion Catholic
Education Jesuit school in Quebec
Known For Discoveries in North America

Who did Louis Jolliet marry?

Claire-Francoise Byssot de la Valtriem. 1675–1700
Louis Jolliet/Spouse

What schools did Louis Jolliet attend?

Early Years and Education The son of a wagon-maker, Jolliet entered the Jesuit College in Québec City in 1656. He studied philosophy, theology and music, and became an accomplished organist.

How old was Louis Jolliet when he died?

Louis Jolliet, explorer, cartographer, king’s hydrographer, fur trader, seigneur, organist, teacher (baptized 21 September 1645 in Québec City; died between 4 May and 18 Oct 1700 likely near Île d’Anticosti).

How did Louis Joliet die on his way back to Quebec?

Marquette came back to the area the following year with plans of proselytization, but died from dysentery. Joliet split from Marquette on his way back to Quebec and, in 1674, took a shortcut through the rapids of Lachine along the St. Lawrence. His canoe capsized, taking the lives of the additional passengers, including the chief’s son.

Where did Louis Joliet live as a child?

Louis Joliet (also spelled “Jolliet”) was born sometime in the mid-17th century in or near the Quebec, New France settlement to Marie d’Abancourt and John Joliet. Baptized on September 21, 1645, he entered a Jesuit school as a child and focused on philosophical and religious studies, aiming for priesthood.

When did Louis Jolliet go to the Mississippi?

In 1672 he was commissioned by the governor of New France to explore the Mississippi, and he was joined by Marquette. Considering this, what happened to Louis Jolliet? Marquette came back to the area the following year with plans of proselytization, but died from dysentery.