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What happened to the eastward ship the Trinidad?

What happened to the eastward ship the Trinidad?

Trinidad was sailed back to Ternate where her sails and rigging were removed. The ship was caught in a storm and smashed to pieces. Only four of the survivors got back to Europe. Juan Rodriguez escaped in a Portuguese ship.

What ship sailed and deserted home?

The Victoria
The Victoria was commanded by Basque navigator Juan Sebastian de Elcano, who took charge of the vessel after the murder of Magellan in the Philippines in April 1521. During a long, hard journey home, the people on the ship suffered from starvation, scurvy, and harassment by Portuguese ships.

Who was the captain of the Trinidad galleon?

The two remaining ships were the Victoria, with Juan Sebastian Elcano as captain and the Trinidad, with Gómez de Espinosa as captain. They made their way to the Moloccus and then attempted to return to Spain by sailing west.

Who was the captain of the ship Santisima Trinidad?

Several days later, Santísima Trinidad was spotted, still damaged, making her way back to Spain, and engaged by the 32-gun frigate HMS Terpsichore under Captain Richard Bowen, but she escaped. She eventually returned to Cadiz for repairs.

What kind of ship did Trinidad sail on?

Trinidad (ship) Unlike Elcano ‘s Victoria, which returned to Spain sailing across the Indian Ocean, Trinidad tried and failed to sail east across the Pacific to New Spain or modern-day Mexico. Trinidad was a nao (ship) of 100 tons (or 110 tons, Morrison has both) with square sails on the fore and main masts and a lateen mizzen.

Where is the captain’s cabin located on a ship?

It serves as the CO’s office and conference room as well as his bedroom. Large ships like cruisers and carriers, the captain actually has two – the in-port cabin and at-sea cabin. The at-sea cabin is (relatively) smaller and more utilitarian, and located close to the bridge and CIC.