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What happened to the Mycenaeans during the Dark Age?

What happened to the Mycenaeans during the Dark Age?

The Dark Age era begins with a catastrophic event: the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization, when all major Mycenaean regional centres fell out of use after suffering a combination of destruction and abandonment. Linear B script, the Mycenaean writing system, was lost shortly after c.

When were the dark ages of Greece and what happened during this time?

Greek Dark Ages

Geographical range Greek mainland and Aegean sea
Period Ancient Greece
Dates c. 1100 – c. 750 BC
Characteristics Destruction of settlements and collapse of the socioeconomic system
Preceded by Mycenaean Greece, Minoan civilization

What period of time has been called Greece’s dark ages?

The year 1100 B.C. or so marked the end of higher civilization in the Aegean for a long time. The succeeding period (1100-750 B.C.) is conventionally called the Dark Ages of Greece, and it is aptly named. Because writing disappeared along with Mycenaean civilization, no written evidence exists for this period.

What happened in Greece during the Dark Age?

During the Dark Age in Ancient Greece, the Mycenaean civilization began to decline, wars broke out between city-states, and there were earthquakes all over Greece. Why was it called The Dark Ages? The Dark Ages occurred after the fall of Rome in 476 until around 800 A.D.

What did the Aeolians bring to ancient Greece?

The Aeolians and the Dorians revived the trade of ancient Greece by bringing forth the agriculture of grapes and olives. What happened to the mycenaeans civilization?

When did democracy take place in ancient Greece?

The deconstruction of the old Mycenaean economic and social structures with the strict class hierarchy and hereditary rule were forgotten, and eventually replaced with new socio-political institutions that eventually allowed for the rise of Democracy in 5th c. BCE Athens.