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What happened to the natives at the missions?

What happened to the natives at the missions?

After Mexico declared independence from Spain in 1821, the Franciscans left, and the Indians were freed from the missions a little over a decade later. However, according to the book, their mistreatment and killing continued, and by many accounts, worsened under Mexican and American rule.

What were the three things natives were promised in a mission?

By law they were promised the rights of citizenship and one-half of all former mission property, but many were exploited and despoiled by speculators; others successfully assimilated into the Mexican system.

Why was there so much gold in California?

Gold became highly concentrated in California, United States as the result of global forces operating over hundreds of millions of years. Volcanoes, tectonic plates and erosion all combined to concentrate billions of dollars’ worth of gold in the mountains of California.

How did the missions affect the California Indians?

The mission era influenced culture, religion, architecture, art, language and economy in the region. But, the missions also impacted California Indian cultures in negative ways. Europeans forced…

What did the Spanish missionaries bring to California?

The Spanish missionaries also brought fruits from Europe, such as apples, peaches and pears. Other jobs included carpentry, building, weaving and leather-working. Padres, or religious leaders, oversaw the mission. They were assigned six soldiers to protect them and the mission properties.

What was the impact of the Spanish in California?

The Spanish impact on California can still be seen in many ways in California. The missions are important historical landmarks and the pueblos developed into major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. The ranchos established the patterns of land and water use, which would lead to the development of California’s agricultural economy.

What did the Franciscan Missionaries do in Alta California?

And for many years, the Franciscan missionaries were the only Christian clergy in the whole territory of Alta California. Not only did they try to communicate Christian teachings and values to the Native Americans, but they also ministered to the soldiers and their families who lived at the presidios and the missions.