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What is it called when an oceanic and continental plate collide?

What is it called when an oceanic and continental plate collide?

At some convergent boundaries, an oceanic plate collides with a continental plate. Oceanic crust tends to be denser and thinner than continental crust, so the denser oceanic crust gets bent and pulled under, or subducted, beneath the lighter and thicker continental crust. This forms what is called a subduction zone.

What happens when a continental crust when it collides with an oceanic crust?

When they collide, the Oceanic crust sinks below the continent. As it sinks, it heats up at the edge of the mantle and begins to melt.

What happens when oceanic and continental plates collide quizlet?

What happens when an oceanic plate and a continental plate collide? The continental crust is pushed together and upward to form large MOUNTAIN ranges.

What will happen when two continental plates collide at a convergent boundary quizlet?

What happens at convergent boundaries where two continental plates collide? a collision between two continental plates crunches and folds the rock at the boundary, lifting it up and leading to the formation of mountains and mountain ranges.

What happens when two continental plates collide?

Convergent boundaries include when two continental plates collide, two oceanic plates converge or when an oceanic plate meets a continental plate. Several events can occur. Generally, when the oceanic plate hits a continental one, the continental plate uplifts, and the oceanic plate goes beneath it or subducts.

What happens when an oceanic plate collides with a co tinental plate?

When a oceanic plate collides with a co tinental plate The contiental plate will ussually ride over the oceanic plate which will dive under the continental plate. As in the Juan de Fuca plate driving under the North American plate.

What happens at the boundary of an oceanic plate?

So at the converging boundary of an oceanic tectonic plate and a continental tectonic plate, the oceanic plate is subducted resulting in mountain building, volcanos and earthquakes. The sedimentary layers of the oceanic crust with its fossils are destroyed, melted and turned back into magma and the mantle.

How are the two types of tectonic plates different?

We also have two primary types of tectonic plates. One is oceanic, and the other is the continental. At the convergent boundaries, these two plates meet. What transpires when they collide helps to decide the plate type. And remember, the two plates interacting are oceanic and continental.