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What is the area of the Murray-Darling river?

What is the area of the Murray-Darling river?

one million square kilometre
The Murray–Darling Basin is a one million square kilometre area in the south east of Australia. It is called a Basin because water is collected by the natural landscape before it eventually flows into the two major Basin rivers, the Murray and the Darling.

What states does the Murray-Darling catchment cover?

Over 2 million people live in the Basin. The States in the Murray-Darling Basin include, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT. The Basin’s most valuable resource is water.

How much area does the Murray River cover?

1,061,469 km2
Murray River

Murray River (Millewa / Tongala)
• coordinates 35°33′32″S 138°52′48″ECoordinates: 35°33′32″S 138°52′48″E
• elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Length 2,508 km (1,558 mi)
Basin size 1,061,469 km2 (409,835 sq mi)

Where does the Murray-Darling Basin start and finish?

Murray Mouth Lookout
Southern Ocean
Murray River/Mouths

What do people use the Murray-Darling Basin for?

A total of 3.6 million people (including the entire population of Adelaide which is not in the Basin) rely on water from the Basin rivers for many uses, including drinking, washing, farming and irrigation.

Why is the Murray-Darling Basin the most fertile part of Australia?

Agriculture is the dominant economic activity in the Murray–Darling Basin. The Basin is Australia’s most important agricultural area and produces over one-third of the national food supply. Over half of Australian grown apples are produced in the Basin, including this Granny Smith variety.

Is the Darling River a tributary of the Murray River?

The Murray–Darling basin is a large geographical area in the interior of southeastern Australia, encompassing the drainage basin of the tributaries of the Murray River, Australia’s longest river, and the Darling River, a right tributary of the Murray and Australia’s third-longest river.

Where is the Murray Darling basin in Australia?

Location and size of the Basin The Murray–Darling Basin is in the south east of Australia and covers 14% of Australia’s land area. As the map below shows, it covers large areas of New South Wales and Victoria, all of the Australian Capital Territory, and some of Queensland and South Australia.

Where does the Murray River start and end?

Murray River, principal river of Australia and main stream of the Murray-Darling Basin. It flows some 1,570 miles (2,530 km) across southeastern Australia from the Snowy Mountains to the Indian Ocean. The main towns in the Murray River valley are Albury, Wodonga, Echuca, Swan Hill, Mildura, Renmark, and Murray Bridge.

What kind of birds live in the Murray Darling basin?

One of Australia’s best-known and easily recognised birds. Grows to a length of 190cm and has a wingspan of 250cm. They are found in all parts of Australia. Found mainly on the tablelands of the southern and eastern parts of the Basin. Its caterpillars feed on mistletoes growing on eucalypts.