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What is the impact of modernization on Indian society?

What is the impact of modernization on Indian society?

(1) Western institutions like banking system, public administration, military organisation, modern medicine, law, etc., were introduced in our country. (2) Western education broadened the outlook of the people who started talking of their rights and freedom.

How has Western culture influenced Indian?

It was during the period western civilization and culture challenged all old values and beliefs of India. Consequently, old rites and rituals, customs and tradition crumbled. Social, religious, economic and political institutions cased. The roots of the national life violently were shaken.

What is westernisation anthropology?

Westernization is a process whereby societies come under or adopt Western culture in areas such as industry, technology, law, politics, economics, lifestyle, diet, clothing, language, alphabet, religion, philosophy, and values.

How modernization affects our society?

One negative effect is on our environment. Modernization brings technology that consumes energy and leads to such things as air pollution and climate change. Another negative effect is (arguably) on our society. Modernization breaks up the social ties that bound people together in traditional societies.

What are the impacts of Westernization?

Westernization inevitably undermines full development of indigenous cultures and traditions of non-Western people. Furthermore, it creates resentment among non-Western people toward Western values and, fosters racism and prejudice against non-Western people in Western societies.

What are the main features of Westernisation?

Some of the important characteristics of westernisation included by Srinivas are discussed below:

  • Humanitarianism: Westernisation is loaded with certain value preferences.
  • Equalitarianism:
  • Secularisation:
  • Initiation of social reforms:
  • Predominance of science and technology:

    How has Westernization affected our society?

    They had done three things: Firstly, these people acted as the link between the Indians and the Britishers. Secondly, they themselves adopted various western elements such as dress pattern, food habit, ideas, values etc. They adopted cognitive aspect of British culture as well as style of life.

    What are the positive effects of modernization?

    Positive effects of modernization:

    • Enhanced medical facilities: The immediate impact of modernization is felt on the general health of the population.
    • Smart cities: Modernization is responsible for creating smart cities wherein close circuit TV cameras are installed at every road intersection to monitor the traffic.

    What are the impacts of modernization?

    Abstract. No one can deny the effect of modernization on different aspects of people` life. Education, communication and even social relationship have undergone different changes. Meanwhile, adolescents are the most vulnerable group suffering from negative effects of modernization.

    What are the negative effects of Westernization?

    Westernisation fades away our religious values. Media shows different programs that leave a negative impact on the children about drugs, disobedience, unnecessary freedom. Media plays a prominent role in ruining the culture and moral values and is encouraging youth to adopt western culture in the name of modernisation.

    How does Westernization have an impact on India and it’s culture?

    Westernization is a kind of globalization which is spreading throughout Asian countries especially in India. The Indian culture is ones of the oldest and the richest cultures however, now that the western culture is kicking in, e.g. goods, festivals, dressings, foods etc., it is impacting on the Indian culture in many ways.

    Why did m.n.srinivas use the term Westernisation?

    It is in this context, M.N. Srinivas, introduced the term “Westernisation” mainly to explain the changes that have taken place in the Indian society and culture due to Western contact through the British rule.

    How did the British rule affect Indian culture?

    With the conquest of European powers and subsequent British rule in India has had a profound effect of western culture on Indian society. Western culture has made its presence in various forms. Westernization is defined as incorporation of the norms, values and culture of the west into our culture.

    What was the impact of Westernization on education?

    2. Impact of Westernization on Education: Contemporary education is of western origin. Traditionally, the content of education was metaphysical. It was confined to the upper classes or the twice born castes. Its structure was hereditary and closed. The roles of both the teachers and the taught were qualitative- ascriptive.