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What is the most stable African nation?

What is the most stable African nation?

Botswana, one of Africa’s most stable countries, is the continent’s longest continuous multi-party democracy. It is relatively free of corruption and has a good human rights record. Sparsely populated, Botswana protects some of Africa’s largest areas of wilderness.

Which African country has the best government?

The Best Governments in Africa

  • Ethiopia: Top achievement: Ethiopia is creating Millionaires at a faster rate than any other country in Africa.
  • Kenya: Top achievement: Kenya is the first country in Africa to drill geothermal power.
  • Zimbabwe: Top achievement: Zimbabwe has the highest adult literacy rate in Africa.

What is the most stable country?

Here are the most politically stable countries based on perception:

  • New Zealand.
  • Australia.
  • Sweden.
  • Norway.
  • Denmark. Denmark ranks No.
  • Netherlands. The Netherlands, ranking No.
  • Canada. Canada ranks second for its perceived political stability, in addition to earning the No.
  • Switzerland. Switzerland earns the No.

What is the best African nation to live in?

This list provides options for the best countries to live in Africa 2020.

  1. South Africa. Image:,@KLM South Africa.
  2. Tanzania. Image:, @Wristsponsible.
  3. Nigeria. Image:, @Inspiration FM 92.3.
  4. Kenya. Read also.
  5. Ghana. Image:, @Goodluck Africa Ltd.
  6. Botswana.
  7. Gabon.
  8. Libya.

What is the best country to live in financially?

The following are the top 10 countries viewed as the most economically stable.

  • Netherlands.
  • Sweden.
  • Australia.
  • Japan. Most Economically Stable Rank: 5.
  • Denmark. Most Economically Stable Rank: 4.
  • Germany. Most Economically Stable Rank: 3.
  • Canada. Most Economically Stable Rank: 2.
  • Switzerland. Most Economically Stable Country: 1.

Which is the most stable country in Africa?

[1] Political stability is a quality hard to acquire in African governments, and often fleeting once obtained.

Which is the Best Country benchmark for Africa?

The Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) assesses the performance of all 54 African countries in an 750-page, infographic-driven report. This report is a key resource for any business, government, organisation or institution that will find value in country-specific and comparative assessments of African countries.

Which is the safest country in Africa for solo travelers?

Namibia Next to Botswana, this is another safe destination for solo travelers due to its good governance. Namibia will not fail to offer you an adventure of a lifetime as it is also one of the most stable countries in Africa.

Which is the richest country in East Africa?

Rank Country GDP Per Capita (International Dollar) 9 Tunisia 11,987 10 Namibia 11,528 11 Swaziland 9,882 12 Libya 9,792