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What sort of goods does Rhode Island provide?

What sort of goods does Rhode Island provide?

Top commodities produced on Rhode Island’s 1,243 farms include greenhouse and nursery products, dairy, sweet corn, and apples. Farmers grow potatoes, too, mostly in the southeastern part of the state. Milk is the second most important income source for farmers.

What crops are grown in Rhode Island?

Crops grown in Rhode Island include potatoes, apples, hay, sweet corn and greenhouse/nursery products. Rhode Island is a small state without much arable land, but more than 50 percent of the state’s agricultural income is from the sales of sod, shrubs, ornamental trees and plants.

What are the natural resources of Rhode Island?

What are Rhode Island’s natural resources? Rhode Island has many natural resources. They are: fertile land for planting and farming, trees for wood and homes, and plenty of food for hunting. There is fishing for shellfish, cod, sea bass, tuna, flounder, lobsters, clams, swordfish, mackarel, butterfish, and squid.

What did the settlers of Rhode Island do?

The settlers of Rhode Island learned to rely on the farming and cattle for food. They also utilized New England’s natural resources (click here to be reminded of New England’s natural resources) for shipbuilding, lumbering, and fishing.

What foods are found only in Rhode Island?

6 Foods Found Only in Rhode Island 1 Stuffed with Stuffies. Nothing says New England like a big dish made of clams. 2 “New York System” Wieners. Arguably the most “Rhode Island” dish is one that shares a name with the state’s biggest neighbor. 3 Clam Cakes. 4 Johnnycakes. 5 Coffee Milk, Cabinets and Awful Awfuls. …

What kind of trees live in Rhode Island?

The most common trees include maple, oak, pine, and birch. With the exception of the Water Resources Board, all agencies concerned with the administration of Rhode Island’s natural resources are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Management.