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When was Swan River established as a colony?

When was Swan River established as a colony?

The Swan River Colony, founded in 1829, was to be something different, a colony for free settlers. During the first year of settlement the Swan River Colony struggled on a number of fronts.

How were the Swan River Colony problems solved?

After trying to solve the problems of the Swan River Settlement, at last help was sought from the British government, who were requested to send some convict as workers. The Swan River people dismissed the protests. They went ahead with their plans. On 1 June 1850, the transport ship Scindian arrived.

How was the Swan River formed?

The lower reaches of the Swan and Canning rivers form an estuary created by geological conditions more than 10,000 years ago. The Swan River was mostly brackish before settlers removed the Fremantle bar in the late 1800s and dredged the large flood delta nearby.

Who came to settle in the Swan River Colony?

After she anchored off Garden Island on 25 April 1829, Captain Charles Fremantle declared the Swan River Colony for Britain on 2 May 1829. Parmelia arrived on 31 May carrying Stirling and his party and HMS Sulphur arrived on 8 June carrying members of the 63rd Regiment and families.

What was Stirling remembered for?

Captain (later Sir) James Stirling was the first Governor of the Colony of Western Australia, from 30 December 1828 until 2 January 1839. He was born on 28 January 1791 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. In 1826 he commanded HMS Success to report on the Swan River.

Who was the British governor of the Swan River Colony?

It illustrates one of the areas that Stirling recommended when he urged the establishment of a British settlement on the Swan River – late in 1828, the British Government agreed to Stirling’s proposal, and made him Lieutenant-Governor of the Swan River Colony, soon to be known as Western Australia; the headquarters of the new colony was Perth.

When did the Swan River Colony become a penal settlement?

A dispatch was sent to the governor and on 6 November 1849 the West Australian Government Gazette published the official announcement that the Swan River Colony had been ‘constituted a penal settlement’.

What was the first colony in New South Wales?

The two main colonies of New South Wales and Van Dieman’s Land had at first been populated primarily by convicts. The Swan River Colony, founded in 1829, was to be something different, a colony for free settlers.

What did you learn from the Swan River Colony?

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