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Where did Boyle grow up?

Where did Boyle grow up?

Lismore Castle
Born at Lismore Castle, Munster, Ireland, Boyle was the 14th child of the Earl of Cork. As a young man of means, he was tutored at home and on the Continent. He spent the later years of the English Civil Wars at Oxford, reading and experimenting with his assistants and colleagues.

Where did Boyle live?

Robert Boyle/Places lived

Robert Boyle, (born January 25, 1627, Lismore Castle, County Waterford, Ireland—died December 31, 1691, London, England), Anglo-Irish natural philosopher and theological writer, a preeminent figure of 17th-century intellectual culture.

Where did Boyle die?

London, United Kingdom
Robert Boyle/Place of death

When was Robert William Boyle born?

October 2, 1883
Robert William Boyle/Date of birth

Who did Boyle marry?

Boyle was not a very social person and he never married. Although, over the years, he received thousands of people into his laboratories with great hospitality, he preferred to work quietly on his own. He continued with scientific experiments after equipping a laboratory in his sister’s house.

How is Boyle’s law used in everyday life?

If you decrease its pressure, its volume increases. You can observe a real-life application of Boyle’s Law when you fill your bike tires with air. When you pump air into a tire, the gas molecules inside the tire get compressed and packed closer together. You can feel how the tire becomes pressurized and tighter.

What is Boyle’s full name?

Robert William Boyle
Robert Boyle/Full name

What was Boyle famous quote?

“Those distinct substances, which concretes generally either afford, or are made up of, may, without very much inconvenience, be called the elements or principles of them.”

Why is Boyle’s law important?

Why Is Boyle’s Law Important? Boyle’s law is important because it tells us about the behavior of gasses. It explains, with certainty, that the pressure and volume of gas are inversely proportional to one another. So, if you push on gas, its volume becomes smaller and the pressure becomes higher.

How did Boyle’s law change the world?

Lived 1627 – 1691. He discovered Boyle’s Law – the first of the gas laws – relating the pressure of a gas to its volume; he established that electrical forces are transmitted through a vacuum, but sound is not; and he also stated that the movement of particles is responsible for heat.

What was Boyle famous for?

Boyle’s law
Robert Boyle/Known for

What is Boyle’s law in simple terms?

: a statement in physics: the volume of a gas at constant temperature varies inversely with the pressure exerted on it.

Where did Robert Boyle live as a child?

Robert Boyle was born in Lismore Castle on 25th January 1627. He was the youngest- and favourite- son of the “Great Earl of Corke”, Richard Boyle and his second wife Catherine Fenton. Robert spent his early childhood at Lismore before being sent to Eton at the age of 8.

Where was Robert Boyle the Earl of Cork born?

Robert Boyle was born on 27 January 1627 in County Waterford in the south-east of Ireland. He was the seventh son of the earl of Cork. He was educated at Eton and then travelled and studied in Europe.

Where was Robert Boyle of Stalbridge born?

Robert of Stalbridge Boyle was born on month day 1627, at birth place, to Richard (Great Earl of Cork Lord Treasurer of the Kingdom of Ireland) Boyle and Catherine Boyle (born Fenton). Richard was born on October 3 1566, in Canterbury, Kent, England.

Why was Robert Boyle the father of Chemistry?

Overall, Boyle argued so strongly for the need of applying the principles and methods of chemistry to the study of the natural world and to medicine that he later gained the appellation of the “father of chemistry.” Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today