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Where is Philipse Manor?

Where is Philipse Manor?

Philipse Manor Hall is located at the corner of Warburton and Dock in downtown Yonkers, just a few blocks up from the Yonkers Railroad Station and the Yonkers Riverfront Library. Our address for GPS is 29 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, New York, 10701.

When was the Philipse Manor Hall built?

Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site

Built c.1682
Architect Frederick Philipse
NRHP reference No. 66000585
Significant dates
Added to NRHP October 15, 1966

Who owned Philipsburg Manor?

Dutch Philipse family
Originally, Philipsburg Manor encompassed more than 52,000 acres, which was owned by the Anglo-Dutch Philipse family.

Where is Philipse Manor in Yonkers New York?

The Manor house. Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site is a historic house museum located in the Getty Square neighborhood of Yonkers, New York. Originally the family seat of Philipse Manor, it is Westchester County’s oldest standing building.

When was Philipse Manor Hall acquired by New York State?

By the 20th century, city growth threatened the Manor Hall’s future until it was acquired by New York State in 1908 with the generous help of the Cochran Family of Yonkers. Today, Philipse Manor Hall serves as a museum of history, art and architecture, as well as host to community organizations, meetings, educational programs and special events.

Philipse Manor Hall Community Gallery -located on the ground floor of the museum, this space features a rotation of works from local artists. The community gallery is free to enter any time the museum is open.

Where was the home of Frederick Philipse located?

Philipsburg Manor -another site of Frederick Philipse, this restored Dutch Colonial manor house and grounds features farm animals and a water-powered mill. Maintained by Historic Hudson Valley