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Which countries follow Jainism?

Which countries follow Jainism?

The Jain in India are the last direct representatives of the ancient Shramana tradition. people who practice Jainism an ancient religion of Indian subcontinent are collectively refer to as Jains.

What percent of the world is Jainism?

Jain Religion Census 2011

State Total Population % of Total
Gujarat 60,439,692 0.96 %
Rajasthan 68,548,437 0.91 %
Madhya Pradesh 72,626,809 0.78 %
Karnataka 61,095,297 0.72 %

How many Jains are in Australia?

The Jain population in Australia was counted in the 2016 census to be 4,047, of whom 38% lived in Greater Sydney, 31% in Greater Melbourne, and 15% in Greater Perth.

Are Jains rich?

Jains are the richest religious community, with more than 70% of their population in the top quintile. There isn’t much difference between Hindus and Muslims and they are very close to the national distribution of wealth.

What’s the population of Jains in the world?

The total Jain population is estimated to be 4+ million people worldwide. Jainism has a fourfold order of muni (male monastics), aryika (female monastics), Śrāvaka (layman) and sravika (laywoman). This order is known as a sangha. The Jains have the highest literacy rate in India, 94.1.% compared with the national average of 65.38%.

Which is the second largest Jain population in the world?

The second largest Jain population in the world can be found in the United States, although it follows behind India with a wide margin. Here, 79,459 people identify as practitioners of Jainism, a significant difference compared to the population in India. This number represents approximately 30% of the Jain population that lives outside of India.

Which is the largest Jain community in India?

Major Jain communities: Jain Bunt are a Jain community from Karnataka, India. Jain Komati is a small community scattered all over South and Central India and patrons of many Jain Institutions. Saraks is a community in Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa.

Which is the most populous country in the world?

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, International Data Base(demographic data) and USA Trade Online(trade data). Populations shown for the Most Populous Countries and on the world map are projected to July 1, 2021. To learn more about world population projections, go to Notes on the World Population Clock.