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Which of the following states borders Arizona?

Which of the following states borders Arizona?

Arizona borders four states: New Mexico, Utah, California, and Nevada. In addition to these states, Arizona also shares a border with Mexico.

Where is Arizona bordered?

Arizona is located in the southwestern quadrant of the conterminous states, bordered by California to the west, Nevada to the northwest, Utah to the north, New Mexico to the east, and the Mexican state of Sonora to the south. The Colorado River forms the boundary with California and Nevada.

What are the names of the states that border Arizona?

Which States Border Arizona? 1 New Mexico. New Mexico, which has been nicknamed the Land of Enchantment, is a southwestern state. 2 Utah. Nicknamed the Beehive State or the Mormon State, Utah is a US state located in the nation’s western region. 3 California. 4 Nevada. 5 Colorado. …

Where is Arizona located in the United States?

Arizona is a landlocked US state situated in the southwestern United States, north of Mexico. The state is bordered by Utah to the north, by New Mexico to the east, to the south by the states of Sonora and Baja California (Mexico), and to the west by California and Nevada. Short History. The area was colonized by Spain in 1598.

What are the states that border New Mexico?

Arizona is a state found in the southwestern region of the country. Out of 50 states, Arizona is the 14th most populated and the sixth-largest. Phoenix is the capital city and the biggest city in Arizona. It borders New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Mexico, and California.

Are there any states that border the Pacific Ocean?

It borders New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Mexico, and California. Southern Arizona is popular for its climate that features mild winters and hot summers. It has California blocking it from the Pacific Ocean as well as Sonora from the Gulf of California. Arkansas is found in the southeastern United States.