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Why is Bern called Bern?

Why is Bern called Bern?

The city’s name It shows a bear (in German “Bär”) and the name of Bern. According to the legend, the name Bern (in Iocal dialect pronounced “Bärn”) was given to the city by Duke Berthold V of Zähringen after a hunt, held in the wooded surroundings of his new town in which his first prey was a bear.

When did Bern become the capital of Switzerland?

28 November 1848
On 28 November 1848, the National Council and the Council of States elected the city of Bern as the federal seat of Switzerland, but it would be known officially as the “federal city” rather than the “capital city”. Many visitors from abroad are surprised to find out that Bern is in fact the “capital” of Switzerland.

Where is the capital city of Switzerland located?

Bern, also spelled Berne , city, capital of Switzerland and of Bern canton, in the west-central part of the country. It lies along a narrow loop of the Aare River.

When did Bern become the federal city of Switzerland?

Bern was made the Federal City (seat of the Federal Assembly) within the new Swiss federal state in 1848. A number of congresses of the socialist First and Second Internationals were held in Bern, particularly during World War I when Switzerland was neutral; see Bern International .

Where did the country of Switzerland get its name?

Its etymology is uncertain, it may be either derived from a Germanic name in *swiþ- ‘strength’ or from either a Germanic ( *swint-) or Celtic ( *sveit-) word for “clearing”. The name is recorded as Schwitz in the 13th century, and in the 17th to 18th century often as Schweitz.

Where is the seat of government in Switzerland?

Although Switzerland is without an official capital, the city of Bern is the de-facto seat of government in the country. Before 1848, the cantons of Zurich, Berne, and Lucerne hosted the Confederal Diet in two-year rotations. In 1848, however, it was decided that the city of Bern in the canton of Bern would from then on host the seat of government.